Animal Rights:

Carolyn is an active and enthusiastic animal advocate. She promotes the ethical practices of universal spay/neuter and vaccination, the adoption of mixed-breed and homeless pets, and the outright outlawing of puppy mills. She supports making animal fighting of any kind a criminal offense, and supports humane treatment for all animals raised for food supply.

Since 1998, Carolyn Montgomery-Forant has been Director of the Free Veterinary Clinic at the St. Clement's Church, located at 423 West 46th St, NYC, 10136.

One weekend day per month, volunteer veterinarian Dr. Andrea Jacobson and a staff of dedicated volunteers provide well-care, vaccinations, spay and neuter discount vouchers and treatment for chronic disease for dogs and cats pets belonging to people from all five NYC boroughs. This clinic also funds diagnostic tests, dentistry and surgery as needed on a case by case basis. The clinic is completely free, funded by private donations, and staffed primarily by volunteers.

After 12 years of devoted service to the clinic, Dr. Jacobson has relocated both her practice and her home. She has retired with the immeasurable gratitude of hundreds of healthy pets and the owners who depend on them for companionship, improved mental health, and security.

We are currently looking for a new volunteer veterinarian, and are always searching for volunteers on the staff.

If you have any leads, please do not hesitate to call us at
212-246-7277 ext 35.

If you do not get through directly, please leave a message.